Show Me Your Heart

  • Show Me Your Heart

    Samuel wanted to help other really sick kids and with your help we can do this. Grab a camera, get creative and then Post it.

Raising awareness of Samuel’s Charity and ultimately helping more really sick kids through a dark and horrible time is what ‘Show Me Your Heart’ is about.

Samuel’s heart was huge, always concerned for others even when he was so ill. His charity started out as a way for Samuel to get some better food for the kids as it wasn’t all that good. Now his Legacy is doing so much more. Find out the full story here.

How to 'Show Me Your Heart'

It takes three easy steps to make a difference

  1. Take a picture of a heart. It can be any heart shape; your own drawing or painting, a selfie, a picture in the sand, a group of people making a heart shape (great for a class of kids) or anything  – this is where your creativity really comes in. Include in the picture the words ‘Samuel’s Charity’ if you can.
  2. Share the picture on all of your social media sites – Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest etc. Add this link to the Image
  3. Share the Image on your social media sites, on your work intranet (with permission first!) and any blogs/websites you can. Do this once or twice a day for seven days. This means all your friends/followers have the best chance to see it once.



This is a free and fun way to make a difference to so many children.

There is a gallery here of the pictures so far – if you want yours there just send it to me, with your name if you want it credited to you, to

I feel a competition coming……..

How else can you help?

You can Donate direct here –

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Or take part in any of these events:

Or Connect and Share:

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Whichever way you choose to help it will make a real difference. My son was just one child of so many that go through such horrible and scary times. Whether you ‘Show Me Your Heart’, Share one Post, give one donation or join one event – each changes more and more children’s lives when they are going through possibly the worst that will happen to them and their families. Nothing is ‘too small’. Every bit of help and support is essential and will help them right now – when so many need it.