Rock Solid STARS

Rock Solid STARS – a kid’s 2km mud run and obstacle course

From 5 – 12 years old is the age range for this fantastic event. Rock Solid is one of the best obstacle course events in the country and takes place just outside Milton Keynes. If you would like to help raise money for your school, or any great cause, plus give your child(ren) the chance to take part in a great day out then this is for you.

When & Where

On Saturday October 29th in the beautiful Silverstone Woods Rock Solid hosts one of the best obstacle course events in the UK. The adult event is great but what really sets Rock Solid apart from many other obstacle courses is the fantastic kids  event called STARS. This is a 2km obstacle course with huge doses of fun, challenge and mud. If the kids are feeling very energetic then they can do multiple laps!

Why do this?

Raising money for your child’s school can make a big difference to the environment and their education as well as many other children. Maybe you have a cause close to your heart. As a parent or teacher you can take part in the main obstacle course (5k, 10k or 15k) and join in. The sense of achievement is very high and it is an amazing course.
An obstacle course can be more than just a great way to engage kids and adults in exercise and fitness; it is a powerful example of working as a team and the challenge and great feeling of overcoming tough obstacles, literal or metaphorical.

This is what Rock Solid say about the STARS course:

Well, there are obstacles – our pint-sized 2km course is packed with them, like the towering Great Wall, the tangling ropes of the Spider’s Web, and a dark dive through Tunneltastic – but these add to the fun instead of stopping it!
Kids will work together, showing just as much stamina, determination and muscle power as the older Contenders on our adult courses. And after they’ve helped the last of their mates to the top of The Pyramid, they’re going to get a huge boost to their sense of achievement, and a boost to their self-esteem – because today, those STARS are Champions!

Sign Up


Step 1. Go to and select ‘Rock Solid STARS Milton Keynes’


Step 2. Click on the ‘Sign up today’ button at the top right of the page.


Step 3. Go through the registration steps.


Step 4. Straight after the section where you choose the Start Time there is a dropdown box section that asks which charity you would like £4 of the ticket money to go to – select the ‘Samuel’s Charity’ option.


DONE! Now it’s time to tell everyone.

Downloads for Schools and Individuals

We give you all the support you need to make this a cracking and successful day.

Below are some useful downloads but if you need anything else do contact me at



Rock Solid STARS A4 poster –  Download Now


Rock Solid STARS A5 flyer –  Download Now


Rock Solid STARS A4 poster –  Download Now


Rock Solid STARS A5 flyer –  Download Now


Rock Solid STARS sponsor form – Download Now

Raise sponsorship for Samuel's Charity

If you would like to donate some or all of the sponsorship money raised to Samuel’s Charity then we would be hugely appreciative and give you a few extra items to help.


1. A technical running T-shirt with our logo on – we have child and adult sizes.

2. An individual online fundraising page using Total Giving.

3. Samuel’s Charity wristbands for you and the family

You can use the money you raise to pay for your entry ticket – we advise all our participants to do this.

If you are an adult and want to take part in Rock Solid’s 5k, 10k or 15k obstacle course then email me as I have pre-purchased tickets at discount price.