• Samuel's Charity - Putting a Smile on Kids in Hospital

    Samuel's Charity helps kids when they are ill through the dark, scary and painful time

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Samuel’s Charity – Putting a Smile on Kids in Hospital

Samuel was an amazing 9 year old. He was very ill with a rare type of cancer, Precursor T-Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. During the five months he was ill he just wanted to help the other children in hospital with him. He was selfless and concerned about others even when he was in pain or scared. This is what is at the heart of his charity.

My beautiful boy lost his battle on the 22nd of January this 2014, but his legacy will continue through this charity and help other children like him, when they need it the most.

How Samuel's Charity Helps

We supply Smiles

Even the simplest things for ill kids – eating, walking – can be painful or just impossible to do. This has a huge affect on a child. To go from worrying which test they had to do at school or if they’d get in trouble with dad for breaking a plate to taking so many different medicines each day, awful side effects, painful injections, tubes hanging from them, procedures of all kinds, unable to eat or walk or leave their room, not to mention the mental strain and sometimes depression that all this can cause – this changes a child.

So many children mature way past their years because of what they have to deal with. Samuel did. His strength and bravery were off the charts and I lost count of the times that he was the calm, sensible voice at times of stress.

But one thing was so often missing. Smiles. A Smile means there is some respite from the pain. A smile brings a bit of fun and happiness to a dark, scary and painful time. As a parent it’s one of our main jobs to take care of and protect our children and a serious illness is out of our control. Bringing back some fun isn’t just a distraction, it is desperately needed. Many adults suffer depression during serious illness and children aren’t immune -maybe more susceptible. At the very least it is horrible to be stuck in a small room for weeks or months on end with only your parents to entertain you!

Kids need to have have something to look forward to each day, whether it is a game, an audio book, a film or lego to build.


Some of the things we provide are:

  • Accuveins – handheld scanners that show where the veins are so injections are done first time and with little pain.
  • IPads, Tablets and PS Vitas for individual kids as well as day trips and short breaks
  • Free Wifi
  • Free Netflix,
  • XBox’s, PS Vita’s and TV’s
  • Games for Xbox, Playstations, Gameboy DSs and PS Vitas
  • Craft and Sensory equipment
  • Electric ride-in cars – kids LOVE to drive them on the wards or down to a scan or operation
  • Sofa beds


This is just a small selection of what we have provided. If it brings a smile to a child’s face then we will get it for them.

A Year of mud and fun!

2018 is going to be a muddy one. Martin, Samuel’s dad, is doing many obstacle course races this year along with runs, the 100 mile London-Surrey ride and many more. It is through you joining in or sponsoring someone who is that we can continue what Samuel began. Join one. Or two.

Join up

Events – get involved, get inspired and maybe get fit!

You can take part, raise money for Samuel’s Charity and have a real blast. We’d love to have you join us. Get in contact now and choose your next challenge!



Byronswell Ltd – Find out how they are supporting us here

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Your support makes what we do possible. Touching the lives of many thousands of children each year really is amazing and we never stop being touched and inspired by the support and help we get. If you can, please donate and help us continue what Samuel began – click on Samuel’s picture to donate.